Learn the art of carving Rock formations and fabricating waterfalls from the pro! With more than 30 years experience. You can now learn professional Rockscaping with 3 fantastic DVD sets.

Watch how rock work is built for swimming pools and spas.  This in depth look at the construction process of rockwork is second to none. Shaping steel, carving and painting are all revealed and more in this instructional DVD collection.

Rockscape 101 S1Rockscape 101 S2Rockscape 101 S3

Our proprietary Carve-Right material, pre blended cement,  will expedite the production of artistic projects throughout the world by simplifying the design mix aspect to a “just add water” and go scenario! Designed with the sculptor in mind, this material feathers to a 0 edge for perfect blends and shapes beautifully.  This clay like materials stays in areas where other materials fall.  Give carve-right a try today!  We ship anywhere.
• The ideal mix for GFRC applications.
• Perfect for casting.
• Finish to a 0 edge, feathers beautifully.
• Easy to pump and spray.
• A leed compliant product, use carve-right and your Green!
• More material at a reduced price.
• Manufactured in Southern California and Southwest Ohio.
• Training available.
Contact Richard L. Winget at 714-318-3994 to make arrangements.