Rockscape 101 DVD #4  will take an in depth look at rockscaping a swimming pool, this is a new build project and not a rehabilitation.  We will take you through all of the steps necessary for a successful Rockscape installation.  We cover all the steps armature, structure, water proofing, texture and final coloring and seal.  This is a full blown professional production shoot, not just a guy with a camera.  
You will get very close and personal with the steps we take and why we take them.   Discover an interesting  geology and the steps taken to simulate it effectively. www.carve-right.com for the very best in digital training!

Learn the art of carving Rock formations and fabricating waterfalls from the pro! With more than 30 years experience. You can now learn professional Rockscaping with 3 fantastic DVD sets. Watch how rock work is built for swimming pools and spas. This in depth look at the construction process of rockwork is second to none. Shaping steel, carving and painting are all revealed and more in this instructional DVD collection.

Order your training DVD's online now! You can order the 2 disc "U.S Navy Corpsmen Memorial Project", 2 disc "Rockscape 101", the 3 disc "Laguna Pool and Spa Project" or you can order all three at a discount. You can also order and download segments of each DVD!