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Learn the art of carving Rock formations and fabricating waterfalls from the pro! With more than 30 years experience. You can now learn professional Rockscaping with 4 fantastic DVD sets.Watch how rock work is built for swimming pools and spas. This in depth look at the construction process of rockwork is second to none. Shaping steel, carving and painting are all revealed and more in this instructional DVD collection.

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Pool & Spa Project!!

1. Texture with shotcrete.
2. Masking for realism (displacement painting).
3. Utilizing rubble where, why and how.
4. The texture technique you didn’t know of.
5.  Where to waterproof and why.
6.  Pre planning to get the desired look and feel.
In this DVD I teach a new texture technique and how to use it.  We will
take  in depth look at the coloring process and how to match your geologies perfectly. I will teach you how to make a believable accumulation of rubble and how and why it happens in nature and where.  Learn how to control the path of water and gaining the look of erosion in minutes!

Rockscape 101 S1

Rockscape 101 S2

Rockscape 101 S3

All 4 Rockscape Series

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My name is Richard L. Winget. I would like to introduce you to Carve-right, a pre-blended cement for the scenic and theme work industry. Pre-blended cement is quickly becoming the number one choice for theme work, especially rockwork and other simulated landforms. Our cement system removes the-guesswork out of mixing a design; simply add water to the desired consistency and begin pumping the material to the desired location. Designed to be pumped, the added fillers and proprietary ingredients lessen the wear and tear on machinery and stop “packs” and “jams” in the line. The product comes in 90lb bags, 30 to a pallet. We blend in southern California.

The smooth aggregate in our product allows for seamless blending and excellent wood grain finishes. Our product is also green, using post-recycled materials, which earn you LEED points. Engineering the lime out of our product, with exception to free lime in the Portland, efflorescence is greatly reduced. Excellent formability and sharper surface textures will allow your artisans to work to their full potential and deliver to your clients the very best in thematic architectural finishes and character facades. Please consider Carve-Right for your
next artistic endeavor.


Richard L. Winget Owner/ Operator
Inquire about Carve-Right –  RLW@carve-right.com

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