Carve-Right Production

Our goal on this project was to blend the landscape seamlessly with the home.  The local geology is a columnular basalt typically found in the PNW.
Retaining the hillside and telling the story of the plants and trees thru simulated items was executed flawlessly.  It is very difficult to see where
Mother Nature ends and Authentic Environments USA Inc begins.

A small water feature and cave with a special hidden fossil find in the ceiling.  Have a look
at the steel schedule and the fossil casting in the ceiling and a few we hid for the swimmers.
Its a perfect little swim spot for the hot Summer months!

An excellent interactive and educational exhibit for children.  This exhibit is very popular with school field trips and also allows the teachers a moment to do a head count and keep everyone together while they are happily entertained!

The Great Wolf Hotel in Garden Grove, California.  This architectural facade is all Carve-Right.  This wolf is 43′ in height. 2015

This custom residential has it all! 50′ waterslide, 15′ high waterfall with multiple spills, reflective ponds, tunnel  ship wreckage complete with a water cannon and a mast and yard arm rope swing.  Carve-Right the very best in sculptural cement. 2015.

The new naval hospital at the camp Pendleton naval base approved Carve-Right to be used on their new memorial.  We were honored. 2014.

Custom residential pool and spa rock and water features throughout. 2014

Custom residential Pool and Spa with a four tier water feature spilling into a koi pond. 2014.

This Laguna beach pool and spa was based on the local rock along the rugged Southern California coast. Carve-right was used as the structure and finish coat. Carve-Right was easy to pump, trowel and took texture easily. Simply put, a pleasure to work with.

These log benches were produced for a the local Zoo. They were created using the Carve-Right blend. This material takes a stamp well with no sagging and colors beautifully.

Carve-Right was the material of choice for this cavern exhibit for a museum of science and history. There are things you can do with carve-right that simply cannot be done with a traditional sand and cement mix. This material is known for its strength and durability and the extended workability window. When the time comes for a specialized material suitable for movie set production, architectural work or any kind of exhibit, diorama or theme work please consider the carve-right material.

Channel 9 was on hand to capture the opening of the primate island exhibit opened on July 15th 2010!  Three troops of monkeys  are put on display every four to six weeks which includes Patas, Siamangs and Ringtail lemurs. Carve-Right was used exclusively on the rockwork for this project, both on the exhibit side and the viewer side.  Our artisans did excellent work and sculptured very realistic rockwork, trees and a waterfall.

As a patching compound Carve-Right can be used underwater at the static water level or anywhere needed.  On this water park in Texas Carve-Right was used on the weir wall for the adventure river walls, the island water feature and even these giant horse shoe Spas!

This project done in Fountain Valley, California required 237 bags of Carve-Right material.  The advantage of using carve-right over other materials is extended window of opportunity to carve, greatly reduced efflorescence and an easily shapeable, workable mix with no need of a messy sand pile on site.  Each bag is a cubic foot of material at three inches thick you can cover four square feet.  This new age material takes stamps and all methods of texturing more readily that traditional cement mixes of sand and cement.

Carve-Right offers better bonding ability than traditional sand and cement mixes and this in turn makes stamping easier with zero sagging.

These dinosaur bones were done with epoxy and foam and the surrounding Earth bank and sedimentary rockwork were achieved with the carve-right product. This was done at the Decorative concrete show in Phoenix, Arizona. The finished piece was donated to the OPCMIA Job corps program to inspire a younger generation.

These mock-up are examples of what can be done with the carve-right product. Graining, broadcasting and brushing is simplified because of the smoother qualities of the design mix, an artisans dream material.