DVD Testimonials

Instructional DVD Testimonials
Richard, I would like to thank you for sharing some of your hard earned techniques in the rockscape 101 DVD. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in creating custom rock formations to purchase your DVD. It covers all aspects to get one started. structure, application, carving, coloring sealing, it’s all there. After all $300.00 is a small price to pay for 20 plus years of knowledge.
I have in the landscape industry for 27 years specializing in custom water features, patios and retaining walls all of which are constructed with natural stone, boulders,ledge rock…ect. For the past 5 years I have been designing a lot of custom pools with a lot of free form shapes, waterfalls and more. I really strive for to provide the highest quality work I can produce. I have always wanted to create custom rock work like you demonstrated in your DVD. I have recently purchased a Gunite rig from a great friend- pool builder that is looking to retire. He has helped me to learn Gunite application, and now your DVD has really got my wheels turning! I really have a creative mind and I think I have what it takes. I am starting on a waterfall at my residence, and Saturday I’m starting the Gunite . CAN’T WAIT!! Thanks again for the tricks of the trade and for picking up the phone. I’m sending picture of my latest pool.

Jeff Burns Landscaping Inc.
Edwardsville, Illinois
I recently purchased Richard L. Winget’s Rockscape 101 DVD set and was amazed at the quality and amount of information this set contained. I liked how complete this video was, from the very first step to the very last step everything is explained. This is a high quality and easy to understand DVD. Richard is truly an artist and his DVD is put together very well.

Andy Wald
Concord, CA
I have had interest over the last few years in concrete carving and concrete artesian work as another avenue for our existing concrete coating business. However I needed direction, training and questions to be answered before I felt confident to proceed, as this was a niche I was unfamiliar with. I found ALL of that and more in Richard’s Wingets Rockscape 101 DVD set. It is very professional, highly informative and gives you access to a wealth of knowledge to begin or expand your business. Just the carving section alone on the DVD is well worth the price.
Make the smart business decision and get the Rockscape 101 DVD set and learn from an accomplished veteran and artesian.
Doing work in artesian concrete without the proper direction and knowledge can cost you a lot money and cause lots of embarrassment.
I highly recommend the DVD set to anyone hungry to start out or improve skills in this industry.

Michael Hicks
CTI of the Palouse
Palouse, WA
These videos are GREAT and I will watch them several times! They are well put together and great video quality. The information that you get is far better than anything you will find searching the internet or even asking questions from other artisans, because everything is step by step. When you watch them, Richard Winget shows you in detail what is necessary to build quality rock work and water features. He even tells you the names of the products that he uses and he is very thorough in his training. You are on the job with him for about two hours of video (over several days of work) and you get to see the best of every step. I highly recommend these videos to all novice and professional artists. Every artist/artisan I have met, has their own style, and Richard is not afraid to let you know how he does things. Speaking directly with Richard on the phone, he is a very sincere and enthusiastic person who enjoys answering any questions you have, even after you watch the video. These two DVD’s are well worth the money and I can’t wait for his next one. Thanks Richard and Keep Rockin’!

Rex Yoder
All-American Plastering
Lincoln, NE
I want to give you a 5 Star rating !
1. You start right from the beginning with Safety ,
2 then details on everything even using the rough side of the pliers to bend your wire….
3. You show in detail the rebar work, and jump to what it looks like with cement
4. You even show the mixes to use for cement build ups and waterproofing.
5. You go the extra steps to keep the pool waterproof.
6. You diligently cover all the bases and dot your eyes and cross your T’ees on this video set
7. Lastly ….you provided phone support on some questions….which is Rare these days ! This set is great for a novice to a Pro

Peter Curro
Brentwood, New Hampshire

Just Got your DVD Rockscapes 101. Its Great, Very informative and easy to understand.

It has me very inspired and feel its going to help me greatly.

Im a 29yr old concrete contractor in Australia but have recently been dabbling with this stuff since ive built my new home and really feel this is the direction im going to take my career as im more of an artistic person and pouring highrise slabs doesnt do much for me.

Your work looks amazing and very professional would love to come out there and see it first hand. Its great to see it on DVD but im sure much better to take onboard in real life.
Do you do any hands on training?

Thanks Matt Amature Rockscaper Australia.

Matt Lewis
Armature Rockscaper
Pottsville beach, new South Wales Australia

I recently finished viewing your Rockscape 101 DVD and can truly say this is one of the best investments I have ever made in learning this craft.
A person could easily spend thousands of dollars and years learning all the information presented here. The techniques and methods are presented
clearly, concisely and most importantly, correctly in accordance with industry standards.

Both beginners and professionals will find Richard Winget’s Rockscape 101 a very valuable resource and should be a basic part of every rockscape
artist’s “tool Kit”.

Thanks Richard for sharing the knowledge!

Richard Batey
Innovative Rock and Texture
Raleigh, N.C.
Richards DVD is packed with information – it’s an ambitious project – trying to cover years of experience and knowledge into a 2 DVD set. In actual fact there’s something in here for everyone- If you are a beginner theres a chance you’ll be overwhelmed with data- but that’s the beauty of a DVD – you can go over it again and again. If your skilled and already run a carving business, then I’m sure you’ll learn something, whether it be methodology or fine tuning. A picture is worth a thousand words so if your business is growing you can use the DVD to coach new employees and show them the benchmark Richard has set for us to follow.
If you want to make rapid progress in the craft then this DVD is invaluable- alternatively – you could stumble about using trial and error for the next 5 years

Peter Taw
Taw Construction
Kaiapoi, New Zealand
Richards DVD “Rockscape 101”. Is one of the best investments I have made in my pursuit to learn rock making
the DVD takes you though all phases of a real project .
Well done from start to finish. Lots of good tips I have watched the DVD a few times and sure I will review it a few more times in the future. The rock work element makes the whole job site pop. Someday, I hope to do work is well.

David Price
Aquaria Services Inc.
Corpus Christi, Texas
I Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you Richard for taking the time to meet with us and for answering all of our questions regarding artificial rockscape construction.
Your Instructional DVD “Rockscape 101” has been an incredible investment for us. In addition to the obvious savings in time and money it has removed much of the learning curve and has allowed us as beginner artisans to avoid many of the beginner mistakes. We’ve had a chance to use what we have learned on a number of projects now, and we were not disappointed. For anyone currently in, or looking to get into the industry, I highly recommend picking up a copy. It will quickly prove itself to be one of the best investments you can make for your business. I look forward to possibly working on a project with you in the future. Thanks again.

Christian Maucieri
Concrete Evolution Inc.
Calgary, AB
Richard, I just finished the training DVD’s I’m blown away by the excellence you showed in the series. I now have a better understanding of what goes into the larger projects as far as creative details and aspects. This is one of the best training presentations that I have ever seen. I will tell anyone who asks about the Rockscape 101 DVD’s that they are a must have. Thanks for sharing your 20 years of solid insights and wisdom on the project itself along with the respect values of this art form. In this trying economical time I am very skeptical of the many training videos out there. This has been a very solid investment and money well spent I recommend it to anyone who is serious about setting high standards in their craft. God Bless!

Jody Smith,
Overlay Solutions, LLC
Summerville, South Carolina
As one of the most respected and talented rock carvers that I have met, Richard Winget, is now offering his talents in the form of a set of DVD’s. He is a supporting and contributing member of the Concrete Artist Network as well as a professional with over twenty years experience in the rock carving and theming industry. Richard has put together a wealth of information that will have even seasoned pros trying these techniques. The principles of this DVD set offers everything from start to finish. The processes that are portrayed are tried and true techniques that have been seen the world over at many theme parks, zoos and more.

I would highly recommend the Carve-Right DVD set to anyone who wants to learn what tools to use, tricks of the trade and a host of techniques used by the pros! Please click on the Carve-Right banner at the top of our main page to get your new set of skills!

Concrete Artists Network
Jeff Datin
Perris, California
Witnessed Richards artistic talents at work during the Decorative Concrete Show 2010 this past winter. Was impressed with his techniques and his willingness to share them with others. He showed me a few clips from his DVD and I ordered it as soon as I got home. Richards DVD gave me the confidence I needed to take me to the next level. After 25 years in the landscape design and construction business I felt my creativity becoming stale. Richards DVD pumped creative life back into me. It has shortened the learning curve by 10-15 years. My first job has been designed at is ready to come to life. Thanks Richard, It’s great to be young again!

John Soychak
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
The DVD is a must have for any rock artisan or individual who is starting out in the business. I’ve paid thousands of dollars more for other training seminars. The DVD covers a lot of vital detailed information at a fraction of the cost. This DVD is a bargain.

Under the Sea Inc.
Ray Estroga
Los Angeles, California
Richards work and artistry are only paralleled by those greatest among us. This is a seasoned veteran in the hard scape and artificial rock business. His career spans two decades and literally around the globe. His connections and knowledge of the business are priceless in today’s economy and not only does he share this information with those who buy his teachings but gives you the techniques and the methodology to sculpt fantastic rock.
There is a lot of rock work out there and let me be very clear, you will emulate your teacher and what you are taught. If you like what you see in a teacher or teaching then by all means purchase the class. Unedumacation 🙂 is the primary thing that will destroy your career as a artificial rock carver. Get educated! Get started on your future by investing in yourself.

Best Regards,

Vertical Artisans
Nathan Giffin
Hickory Hills, Illinois
This is a great Video. Lots of Info. Well worth the money.

Arizona Falls
Mike Meredith
Las Vegas, Nevada
I am what most would think a seasoned veteran in my field. I have been in the decorative concrete artistry field for almost ten years. We have taught many people through classes and training videos. I was very impressed with the production of Richards DVD because it brought his techniques and talent to a very simple learning ability for anyone to use. This set of DVD’s has inspired me to reach farther to become a true artisan. This DVD will encourage anyone watching it to become better and a beginner to become an artist. The detail on carving and coloring is the best I have seen. I would recommend this training DVD to anyone wanting to get into the business or for the veteran who wants to further his own artistic abilities.

The quality of your production was like watching a movie.

Thank you Richard. Well done.

Picassa Crete
Bobby Leatherwood
Canyon Lake, Texas
Richard I thought the DVD had a lot of information. I have never seen a pool being constructed with gunite.
thank you.

Cleveland Rock and Tile
Eric Kelly
Amherst, Ohio
Richard L. Winget’s
“Rockcape 101”