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If you want to know How did He Do That, you have come to the right place!  The photos down below show the projects I have done and how I did them.  Each project has a photo of the finished product, a short description and the running time.  I answer questions through Email, text or a phone call.  There are many ways to do the things that I teach, this is simply how Richard L. Winget did it.  

I wish you the very best in all of your artistic endeavors!

Running Time: 12:37

The Ammonite ceiling

We take a good look at the molding and casting of fossils and how to place them in a realistic fashion. The entire rock and waterscape is built around this fossil “find” of a life time.  These fossils that are hidden behind a waterfall will be enjoyed by swimmers for years to come and there are a few discoveries to made as well.  This rock and waterscape is full of surprises!