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If you want to know How did He Do That, you have come to the right place!  The photos down below show the projects I have done and how I did them.  Each project has a photo of the finished product, a short description and the running time.  I answer questions through Email, text or a phone call.  There are many ways to do the things that I teach, this is simply how Richard L. Winget did it.  I wish you the very best in all of your artistic endeavor. 




 Chaos is king!


Our next video will be on fabricating Red mangrove trees   We are nearing the end of post production and will get into the editing aspect this month.  Stay with us as we teach what has not been taught and train in ways that have not been used.  Chaos is an interesting subject.  Why do people love reefs,  jungles, deserts, forests and rock formations?  It is because of the chaos, that’s the attraction.   and introducing chaos into your work will make your artistry more believable.  I explain how this concept can be used to bring a degree of realism into your work that will surprise you and set you apart from others.

Running Time: 12:37

The Ammonite ceiling

We take a good look at the molding and casting of fossils and how to place them in a realistic fashion. The entire rock and waterscape is built around this fossil “find” of a life time.  These fossils that are hidden behind a waterfall will be enjoyed by swimmers for years to come and there are a few discoveries to made as well.  This rock and waterscape is full of surprises!