Richard L. Winget

My name is Richard L. Winget; I am a rockwork artisan currently working in the scenic and exhibitory business. I began this trade in 1987, a year after I graduated High School in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been sculpturing many different types of mediums including cement, plaster, shotcrete, gunite, concrete and a wide variety of foams, epoxies and resins. During this time, I learned that the materials we sculptured with were chosen based on the requirements of the projects. Sometimes we even supplemented our cement mixes in the field with additives to aid in our artistic endeavors. As you can imagine, we had some interesting results!

I have traveled as a freelance artist all over the world, from Longtaun Taipei (when it was a republic of China) to Rio de Janeiro and as far as St Thomas in the Caribbean to Honolulu Hawaii. I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the most creative minds in the industry. My travels have taken me to projects ranging from millions to billions of dollars, including world class commercial resorts, casinos, theme parks, hotels, zoos and aquariums and some of the most spectacular private custom residential works ever imagined! I am a journeyman rock carver with the local 200 in good standing in Pomona, California.

In 1993 I got married and in 1994 I started my own company named Authentic Environments. With this company I continued the work I had learned and mainlined it into custom residential projects maintaining a commercial grade quality. I have won numerous Gold and Silver awards with Authentic Environment projects and have been published in more trade magazines than I can remember.

I can tell you that this is one of the most exciting and rewarding trades I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. The people you meet, the camaraderie during construction and the completed projects when they are open to the public can just make your heart soar. I’ll never do anything different than building naturalistic environments or geological formations because it’s too much fun!!! The only thing I want to do is make it better.

I have been witness to the marrying of the artistic trade to the traditional construction process and at times it has been difficult for one side to see the other side’s point of view. Imagine trying to explain to a flatwork contractor that we purposely want to carve big cracks in his just poured and troweled smooth floor to simulate the impact of a meteorite, or to broadcast different size rocks and pebbles in it and then run tires across it to leave tracks to simulate a muddy rut. Try explaining to a block wall contractor that he needs to purposely construct his wall in a crooked fashion so that we can make it look as if it is the only wall that has been left standing after an archeological excavation of an ancient city a thousand years old. Now you can begin to understand the challenges faced by those in the business of simulation.

During all of my years working in the field I realized that there was a need for a bagged cement mix that could act as a baseline design for the scenic industry and for the many people that have creative aspirations within the concrete industry. I thought “what if?” I started paying attention to the many ingredients that were being used, and some that were not being used, and started to really look into how concrete is made and what products are available; the information was staggering.

Fast forward to 2007. This is the year that I began to envision my concrete mix, but still, as much as I had a great idea, I knew it would take a tremendous effort to make it happen! Where to begin? My search began by looking for the top minds in the concrete field. I began to align myself with the best chemist and engineers the industry had to offer. I finally settled on a firm in the state of California who understood what I was trying to do and had the resources, equipment and hands on field experience to help me refine a design I had in mind for a long time.

I had specific goals in mind. I wanted to greatly reduce or solve the efflorescence problem that has been plaguing concrete artisans. I wanted a material that could withstand animal waste for exhibitory purposes. I wanted a material that had great interhesion and could be used underwater indefinitely and is highly sculptural, meaning you could sculpt wood, rock, mud or any other natural landforms that are required by the client. I also desired a material that would be green and garner LEED points for environment conscious men and women contractors everywhere, and so the testing began.
I produced mock-ups of rock and wood, testing wood graining techniques and carving different rock formation geologies. Carve-Right™ has exceeded my expectations in every regard. Efflorescence has been reduced if not eliminated, the material is designed to allow artisans to produce textures and formations that simply cannot be done with a traditional sand and cement mix. Carve right takes integral color evenly can be painted and stained and is a pleasure to run through a concrete pump. I am very pleased with the performance of this new age material.

The testing continued for three years and my new found friends never wavered in their desire to be a part of this innovative, precisely engineered product. Hands were shaken, words were spoken, papers were signed and today friends, in 2010, I bring you the concerted efforts of a select group of individuals. I introduce:

the very best in sculptural concrete
The Carve-Right™ product will expedite the production of artistic projects throughout the world by simplifying the design mix aspect to a “just add water” and go scenario! I hope you will find the product as useful as I have.

Carve-Right™ is a dry packaged material for simulating elements of nature, building architectural details and creating exterior and interior home décor.